Friday, February 18, 2011

The Big Bang

My short film. Yes there is some mistakes but I worked with what I had.


  1. I worked for seven years at a production house. I was there video effects artist. I am a master of adobe after effects and adobe photoshop.

    If I was going to criticize anything, it would be the audio. Everything else was good. Fat black guy is a pretty good actor.

  2. Yeah the audio was messed up from the mic i was using so i just used another one half way through, and i fixed a lot of it in post, so its not as bad as it was. I just started messing with AE like a month ago so i got lots to learn. I hope to be posting more movies that i make.

  3. The fat black dude was entertaining. ROFL @ Joe Somebody, "I am a master". Right.

  4. the big dude was definitely one of the better actors. enjoyed the movie, cant wait for some more work.


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