Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do you see what I'm seeing? This was some photos I took around Halloween perfect season for the creeps to come out. I just love the holiday,  all the costumes, haunted houses, parties, and who can pass free candies.

In these pics I was messing with my depth of field, getting the feeling of it.
Oh yeah the doll, I picked that up at a garage sale  for $10, great deal. If I had my other mannequins I would have a huge collection of creepy pics for all of you guys to see. I have about 6 mannequins stored away and it's great getting people drunk at parties and scaring them with all the mannequins when they pass out.


  1. Oh, these are some creepy photos. I love it!

  2. The photos are quite nice. I some sense of loneliness out of them. And that idea for your mates is hilarious. I wish I had thought of it during my time in college.

  3. These are some high quality pictures. Definitely interesting and unique. Keep on taking pictures. Want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes :>

  4. Very dark. I'm a fan of these two particularly.


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