Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Ball: part 1


As you can already tell this night was a good night. Just like Halloween there was costumes and attractions of all sorts. The Winter Ball was the perfect event to start off the year. The performers that showed their many skills that night were from the Detroit Fire Guild putting on a most spectacular display of fire dancing and object manipulation. 

That monkey would never stay still, the pictures I did get of him were all rubbish but i think this is a really good one and yes I know it has motion blur, but i think it makes it that much better. This photo captures the wild and elusive Monkeyman who moves faster then humanly possible and was never caught on film before, Brilliant!   

These performers really did a great job playing with fire and balancing on each other. Their movements and positions made it seem like they were weightless and unable to grasp the concept of gravity.  In the back playing is Bride Stripped Bare.

Micha In this photo is contorting into this box faster then an octopus squeezes through a hole. After she was lodged in there her girly friend decided to stick steel rods through the box making it even harder for her to move. 

Check back for more tomorrow for more on this event.


  1. Looks like a great show! Wish I was there (:

  2. I do love a good show. It looks like the pictures captured the feel of the show pretty well. I'd have liked to have been there.

  3. I like the pic where the guy holds her up in the air and she holds these firesticks. I didn't see his legs at first and thought she was flating.