Sunday, February 20, 2011

Focal length

Watch your focal lengths when taking pics. These can make or break an image. For each subject you have to find a good length to compliment the subjects features.

This is 18mm 
 This is 24

These are crap, the smaller the focal length number the longer it makes a face. These pics make me look like i have a long nose that almost comes out of your screen. 

 This is getting closer but i still think its not good for my face. This is in 35mm

This is around 50 mm and if it wasn't for it being shaky i would think it would be the best of the pics showing how to do a good portrait for me.
 This last one is between 85-135mm i didn't get the length. As you go higher up the numbers the flatter the object looks. The last pic still give a good feel of the shape.


  1. Nice beard, get lots of sleep.

  2. Nice! I only have a 70-120mm. I want to get more glass.

  3. wow this is really interesting, my roommate is a film major, but he never told me about any stuff like this (he doesn't really talk about what hes learned obviously haha)