Friday, February 11, 2011


The amazing wonder of the fushigi  contact juggling, this is Flec Mindscape The magical man that makes it look like his balls are floating in mid air. Its not phoenix feathers like that darn blasted Fushigi crap, no folks he is doing this with his magical hands. Flec has master the art of contact juggling and trust me folks he is a god with his hands.

This is the beautiful and equally talented Hayley Jane as she rocked the stage that night singing a great version of "Hit me baby one more time" and "Bohemian Rhapsody". She unleashed her ukulele onto the crowd which in fact left them in a hypnotic dance that was left ringing through the night. 

Bride Stripped Bare had performance on the level of sold stadiums. With only having their duel pianist and  a drummer they don't hold anything back. Hearing them on an album you would never think it was just two people, they hold a very strong sound that will carry them on to greater and better things.

One of the last performances was the great Chloe Bowie and Majik Detroit. As they danced around the stage with fire in each hand, they slowly stripped Chloe down to almost nothing. It was very nice and gracious movements that they had up on stage, truly art at its finest.


  1. What is all this from? It looks so interesting. Is it a live action play?

  2. No it was a concert with performances between the bands