Tuesday, February 8, 2011

 Winter is in full effect around my area, either little snow each day or large amounts every other day. In my area we got 20 inches about but luckily the roads have been fine.
 The top photo here is of my bathroom and it was a nice feeling seeing the icicles hang from the window as a silhouette to remind me of my favorite season. 
 But these ones are dangerous, I have almost hit my head on them every time I went outside to get to my car. Sure enough my head would get nicked ever now and again. There was a nice 5 foot one hanging in front of my kitchen but someone knocked it down or it got to warm one day and it fell down.
The great thing about winter is you never know what you will see, may it be a broken water pipe on a main road to put you in traffic for thirty mins bumper to bumper and car crashes which I always love to watch when I'm not int them. 
Tomorrow I will head down to the lake to get some water pics, hopefully there is something good down there =]


  1. Good to see a fellow winter-lover :) Can't wait for more pics. Good work so far!

  2. Be careful with icicles, you don't want to get hit by one of these. Damn, I hope we had some snow here. Nostalgic pictures :)

  3. Winter is my favorite season! I love cold and snow. Ok, it's not so nice when you are hit by something like in the second picture. But anywayt, beautiful pics!

  4. Wow, i haven't even seen snow in real life before!

  5. I kind of want to use that fire hydrant.