Saturday, February 19, 2011

My time in Detroit part 2

My buddy and I went to Detroit a second time so I could bring my camera to take pics. On our way down we stopped at a cell phone store and what do you know, the counter had bullet proof glass. That is one way of knowing your in the D. My friend was talking to the cashier and I was walking around looking at all the phones when i heard in the back a few guys talking about gun. This would be fine and all, I like to talk about guns too who doesn't, but then i heard a click and then I knew they were playing with real guns. I couldn't contain a smirk on my face. Oh and also the D likes to have people park in the right lanes... THESE ARE NOT PARKING SPOTS Its great.


  1. I just loved the 4th image!
    Some good shots dude. Its sad to see how detroit is now on our days.. Thank that to the economy crisis.

    Keep up mate!

  2. Beautiful photographs, it really enhances your descriptions. ^^

  3. the last pic looks like a shot from a movie :D

  4. nice site, glad to be subscribed! I'd like to start a separate photography blog too sometime.